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What is is a next generation meta search engine. provides over 40 million search engine listings as well as a broad selection of content from websites that are statistically the most relevant to your search. For example, search for 'web design' and you'll not only get the most relevant list of results from each major search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask), you'll get an aggregate ranking across all four major search engines. You'll also see direct links into the appropriate breakdown of rankings per search engine. is more than just another meta search engine. It's a whole new way to look at searching. When you take an average score from all four unique but effective ranking algorithms, you're sure to see the very best possible matches to whatever you're looking for online. Try a search and you'll see what we mean.

Why use provides a user-friendly search format rather than a directory structure. Our information is updated regularly and incorporates results from all the major search engines. This combination provides you with a much broader range of relevant information than traditional search sites, and with search engines constantly updating their information and search algorithms you receive the freshest and most relevant content. As we develop the site we'll also be adding more functionality to improve your experience.

How does work? uses a combination of our proprietary ranking criteria mashed up with the direct APIs (application programming interface) offered from the major search engines. By combining these technologies in unique ways we provide you with relevant search results for information, products and services, plus the extra dimension of data that appears on each individual search engine's tab. It's like searching all of the search engines with just one click!


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